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Luke 4:1-13 The ministry of Jesus has begun… or has it? He has been baptized by John, the heavens opened, the Spirit descended upon Him in “bodily form” and the Father has spoken; now He has one more hurdle before He begins, He must be tempted. The Spirit leads Him out into the desert (Wilderness) […]

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(January 1): Better Than Any Map

Jesus said to him, “I am the way…” –John 14:6

When we get lost, Jesus shows us the way.  He guides us as we seek Him.  The more else stray, the more we lose our way.  During life’s journey, we must follow the direction God chose for us.  The Bible is God’s map.  Jesus directs our paths.  The Bible is better than the Earthly Map we follow.  God is faithful as he guides us along the roads of life.  Jesus shows us the way to God.



The Trophy of God’s Healing by Grace Gibbs

My name is Grace Gibbs. I was born in Durham, NC, to my parents, Wade and Cathy Gibbs.  My older brother is Collin.  Before I was born, God knew my name.  He made me from my mother’s womb and formed me.  When I was born, I couldn’t talk.  The doctors said that I would never speak in complete sentences.  I was diagnosed with (ASD) Autism Spectrum Disorder.  When people spoke to me, I could not respond.  I was like Helen Keller.  My mom, Cathy, taught me how to sign, gesture, and read.  That was OK.  Still, I wanted to talk, but I couldn’t.  This meant that I got so angry and threw temper tantrums, had melt-downs, outbursts, and destroyed my toys and other things that I liked.  This meant I had no friends and could not go anywhere except to church or school.  I also destroyed property and did physical harm to myself and family constantly.  This went on until my parents could get help.  One day, my piano teacher, Cathy Moore, taught me how to play the piano.  God has blessed me with a flute, auto-harp, and other kinds of instruments.  These were my gifts.  I enjoyed signing songs, but “I Love You, Lord” was my favorite.  I still couldn’t speak.  One day, When I was eight years old, Mrs. Moore was playing “I Love You, Lord” on the piano while I sang and signed it.  It was close to talking as I could get.  She began crying with joy because I was finally talking with all my words.  Others rejoiced.  God healed me because he was faithful.  He is good all the time and would never stop loving me!  I heard stories about mute people like Zacharias in the bible and how God could heal them.  I wanted to be healed like them too.  I am happy that God finally let me talk.  I am no longer angry as my behavior improved.  I have friends and am homeschooled.  When I was eleven, sitting on Mom’s bed, we were reading John 3 in Nicodemus.  I finally understood and began to realize that I was a sinner, separated from God.  I got saved and then Collin and I got baptized on August 22, 2010.  Since Mom is gone, Mrs. Elizabeth Scales is helping me with school so I can catch up with my peers and graduate next year!  I thank God for giving me my voice.  Today, I share my testimony and experience with others as possible.  Amen!!!

Living Picture by Grace Marie Gibbs

Hello, My name is Grace Marie Gibbs.  My parents are Wade and Cathy Gibbs, and my brother is Collin.  We live in Pfafftown and our members of this church.  I am seventeen years old and am homeschooled.  This morning, I am going to glorify God.  Pastor Rich says that just means to tell what he’s done.

When I was a toddler, the doctors diagnosed me with moderate to severe autism.  I could not communicate.  They said I would probably never speak in complete sentences.  I threw and destroyed my toys.  I made lots of noise like laughing and screaming.  When people spoke to me, I could not respond.  I was like Helen Keller.

My mom, Cathy, taught me sign language, gesturing, how to read, draw, and write.  This was OK, but I still wanted to talk.  I was miserable and could not speak much. This meant I was so uncontrollable and violent, doing physical harm to my family, and destruction of property. I did this all day long every day until recently.

Lovingly, God blessed me with a musical gift.  I played flute, piano, auto-harp, and clarinet.  Also I have perfect pitch, which means tell the key of any song, by just listening.  One day, when I was eight years old, my piano teacher, Cathy Moore, was playing and singing “I Love you, Lord” on the piano while I signed it.  I liked to sign songs because it was as close to talking as I could get.  I could play or sign lots of songs, but “I Love you, Lord” was my favorite.  Even if I could not talk, I still knew what the words meant.  It was my way of praying.

Remarkably, while signing the song, I began to sing to God.  Mrs. Moore began to cry because I was finally communicating verbally.  God had answered my prayer and healed me by using my gift.  I was happy that God finally let me talk.  He heard my prayers and gave me what I needed.  I am no longer angry, so my behavior improved.  I make better choices, have friends, and do well in school.  Elizabeth Scales has homeschooled me through my last year of school so I can catch up with my peers.  I was way behind them.  I will be starting college in the fall of 2017.

God healed me because he is faithful.  He promises to answer prayers, so he did.  Before he healed me, I was like Zacharias.  He was mute.  Then I heard Bible stories about mute people just like me, and how Jesus healed them.  I wanted him to do that for me.  He gave me my voice and so much more!

When I was eleven years old, sitting on Mom’s bed, we were reading the bible in John chapter 3 about Nicodemus.  I understood it.  After that, I received Christ into my heart and he cleansed me from my sins.  I realized that I was a terrible sinner, not good enough for salvation, and believed in my heart that Jesus died for me on the cross to shed his blood for me.  He washed me whole.  On August 22nd, 2010, my brother and I got baptized in remembrance of Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection.  I am a new creature.  Today, I share the gospel with as many as possible!  They need to know the Lord and how he can save me and completely change their lives.  I am sure he will because he did it for me!